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Multisensory Research Forum 2022

Judith Ley-Flores presented her research work at the Multisensory Research Forum (IMRF 2022) in Ulm, Alemania on July 4-7, with her work entitled: “Sounds changing in pitch interact with proprioception when paired with body movement, affecting motor behaviour and bodily feelings“. You can see the conference website here, and the article of this poster  https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-06210-x


IX Iberian Conference on Perception

Judith Ley-Flores presented her research work at the 9th Iberian Conference on Perception (CIP2022) in Barcelona on June 29, with her work entitled: “Using movement sonification to alter body perception and promote physical activity in physically inactive people”. You can see the conference website here.


MOCO'22: 8th International Conference on Movement and Computing


This June 22-24 we present our work at the 8th international Conference on Movement and Computing (MOCO) with the work titled: “Exploring the Design Space for Body Transformation Wearables to Support Physical Activity through Sensitising and Bodystorming” by Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, Judith Ley-Flores, Omar Valdiviezo, Aneesha Singh, Milagrosa Sánchez-Martín, Joaquín Díaz Durán and Elena Márquez Segura. See the web page of the conference here.

Seminar on emerging technologies

Judith Ley-Flores was invited to the seminar on emerging technologies by the Technological Institute of Sonora, Mexico. She gave a talk about her thesis work on “Using movement sonification to alter body perception and promote physical activity in physically inactive people”. See the video of the talk here.

Talk in 32nd APS Chicago convention


Last May our colleague Ana Tajadura gave a talk at the annual convention of psychological Scientists. As part of the symposium “Real Bodies in a Real World: Multisensory and Embodied Signatures of Self-Environment Interactions”. Here, Ana talked about the work titled: “My Sounding Body in Interaction with the World: Auditory-Driven Changes in the Sense of Bodily Self”. See the web page of the conference here.



Poster presentation at APPE-SEPEX 2022


Poster presentation by @Snavasleon on a study on saccadic abnormalities and eating disorders. Recent research indicates that patients with anorexia (AN) show specific eye movement abnormalities. However, it remains unknown whether these abnormal eye movement patterns, which may serve as potential biomarkers and endophenotypes for an early diagnosis and preventive clinical treatments, start to manifest also in people with subclinical eating disorders (ED) symptomatology. The results may open opportunities for developing novel diagnostic tools/therapies being helpful to the EDs research community and allied fields. Read more in 10.1186/s40337-022-00573-2



Magic lining: Art exposition

Kristi Kuusk participated in the exhibition that presented works by students and teaching staff of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The objective was to see how emerging technological approaches are demonstrated, in which textile, interwoven with digital properties or technology at different levels, mediates collaborative processes in design of social interaction. See more here.


Interview with Ana Tajadura by madri+d

Interview with Ana Tajadura Jiménez, She is pioneer in the use of acoustics to improve body image. Her research brings together the fields of engineering, applied acoustics, human-computer interaction and cognitive neuroscience. How do these elements come together? What for?
For answers to these questions and others, we invite you to read the article in my+d


The woman who hacks our senses to improve our view of the body (and our life)


Ana Tajadura-Jiménez is researching how to change the perception of our body with shoes that change the sound of our steps or suits that help us stay healthy.

“Our way of self-perception is through our senses. If I change that information, I can make them perceive their body differently.”

The connected skin: understand how smart textiles can cause sensations

A pele conectada

We are in Vogue (Brazil), come and read about how connected fabrics technology will transport us from visual to sensory fashion.  The texture of a fabric. The fit of a garment. The smell of new clothes. The material against our skin. Sensory is part of fashion, just like technology. But how to amplify the sensory experience in fashion in a digital environment? The answer is smart textiles.

What sensations make you move ?: Designing sensory technology to promote physical activity



Registration here: Questionnaire

What sensations make you move ?: Designing sensory technology to promote physical activity


We invited you to participate in our workshop in the Science Week. The idea is to reflect on your bodily sensations in our movements, co-design as a group, while we interact with technologies that can change your body perception through sound feedback during movement to promote physical activity.

Details: science week and innovation
Contact: jley@inf.uc3m.es
See you: November 12, 2021

Job opportunities for the BodyInTransit project


We are happy to announce 3 fully-funded postdoc positions and a research engineer/technician position at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, as part of the Consolidator Grant Horizon2020 project BODYinTRANSIT: Sensory-driven body transformation experiences on-the-move, led by Prof. Ana Tajadura-Jiménez

  1. Post-doc 1: Post-Doctoral Researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience on Body Transformation Experiences
    Duration: 24 months (through renewable 1-year contracts).
  2. Post-doc 2: Post-Doctoral Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction for Body Transformation Experiences
    Duration: 24 months (through renewable 1-year contracts).
  3. Post-doc 3: Post-Doctoral Researcher in Machine Learning for Dynamic Body Blueprints
    Duration: 36 months (through renewable 1-year contracts).
  4. Research Engineer/Technician in Sensorial Technologies and Inner Fashion Prototypes for Body Transformation Experiences
    Duration: 48 months (through renewable 1-year contracts).

Details: bodyintransit project
Application deadline: 15 October 2021

New tool to identify barriers to engage in physical activity


Sergio Navas presents the work called “New evidence of validity and reliability of the Barriers for Physical Activity Questionnaire in a general Spanish sample (BQPA-G). Also in colaboration with Ana TajaduraJiménez, Milagrosa Sánchez-Martín, Aneesha Singh, Mercedes Borda-Más, Nadia Berthouze-Bianchi, and Luis Morales Márquez. The work is presented today (July 22, 2021) at EAM2021. We invite you to see this amazing work here!

This Smart Dress Will Play With Your Mind


Tiny motors

We invite you to read a fantastic article. Our colleagues Kristi Kuusk, Aleksander Väljamäe, and Ana Tajadura-Jimenez talk about how smart textiles contribute to body sensations and emotional states. Imagine …. to feel more like clouds, more like water or rocks state… through vibrating fabrics!. Read the article at this link.

Social Bridges e-conference: “The near-future of AI: How will humans and AI interact in 5 years?”

Congratulations to Ana! for the presentation of the work “The multisensorial body in a technology-mediated world” organized by Universitat der Bundeswehr Munchen at Social Bridges e-conference, April 21-23, 2021. See the program at this link.

Virtual Journals – SEPEX 2021


We invite you to see the posters of our colleagues Sergio Navas (@Snavasleon) and Judith Ley-Flores (@Judith_Ley), They will share their work tomorrow and will be answering your questions by Twitter, April 20-22, 2021. @SEPEX13

See you on @MagicOutFit!

Symposium on “Technological Bonding”

Date: 26th to 28th, March 2021

We are happy to announce the participation of Ana Tajadura-Jimenez in the Virtual Symposium on “Technological Bonding”. The symposium’s goal is to present to the academic community the most recent and innovative projects with biomedical and biological applications on issues of our modern society. NEB-FEUP/ICBAS XII

TERRAZA - Casa del Lector

Interactive poetry installation

Date: Friday 19 – Sunday 21, March 2021
Free entry

We invite you to celebrate International Poetry Day with this installation that can be visited on the ground floor of Casa del Lector in the Matadero. In addition to the interactive experience, throughout the day there will also be small dance pieces to activate the installation.

* Call for papers

Rethinking the Senses: A Workshop on Multisensory Embodied Experiences and Disability Interactions

ACM CHI 2021
Friday May 13 – Saturday May 14, 2021 | UTC 1200 – 1500
Submissions deadline: February 21 (23:59 AoE)

Call for Participation
We invite researchers, practitioners, and designers with an interest in creating inclusive multisensory interactions for people of all abilities to submit position papers of up to 4 pages in single-column SIGCHI submission template (including references) stating their existing work, a conceptual design, or their position with respect to the workshop topic. Submissions should also include up to two discussion points and issues that participants would like to discuss in the workshop. We also welcome alternate submissions in the form of presentation slides, design sketches, and posters. Authors must ensure the accessibility of their submission by following the SIGCHI Accessibility Guidelines. See all details here

* Looking for a fully funded PhD student to join the MagicOutFit team. Starting in Summer 2021

If you are interested check the full description here and contact us.

Please note that while the position is to start in the summer 2021, the application deadline is September 2020.

Development and Psychometric Properties of the Barriers Questionnaire for Physical Activity (BQPA) in a representative sample of the Spanish adult population: A preliminary study

Our article was presented at 9th European Congress of Methodology EAM 2020 Virtual Phase – 31 July 2020, by Sergio Navas-León, Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, Patricia Rick, Luis Morales Márquez, Mercedes Borda Mas, Aneesha Singh, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Milagrosa Sánchez Martín.

* 21 Jun 2020 MagicOutFit Kick-off meeting!

Our fantastic research team!